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Personal Storage BinderPersonal Storage Binder
This is a useful binder for storing old diaries and inserts.

Filofax code 133705

Price: 8.50

Reinforcing Patches - Personal SizeReinforcing Patches - Personal Size
10 sheets

Filofax code 130131

Price: 1.75

Magnifier insert - Personal Size (133631)Magnifier insert - Personal Size (133631)

Made by Filofax.

Code - 133631

Price: 5.00

Multi-fit Slim Calculator - Personal SizeMulti-fit Slim Calculator - Personal Size

Shaped to be clipped into your binder and to suit both right-handed and left-handed people this slim calculator (powered by solar or electric light) has colour coded keys for ease of use and comes with some handy conversion tables on its reverse side.

Price: 14.00

6 hole Punch (plastic) - Personal Size6 hole Punch (plastic) - Personal Size

Made by Filofax for the Filofax Personal size.

This slimline punch works on a clamp principle to punch six holes into any sheet of paper so that it can be filed in your organiser.

Filofax code 130119

Price: 8.00

6 hole Punch (aluminium) - Personal Size6 hole Punch (aluminium) - Personal Size
Filofax code 130130

Price: 25.00

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